PROGRAMMING CA21122 presents the joint Webinar: "Joining efforts to develop geriatric medicine across Europe: the experience of EU - funded projects" in collaboration with EU funded projects on Ageing I CARE 4 OLD and AFFIRMO.


PROmoting GeRiAtric Medicine in countries where it is still eMergING

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Our Ambition

Identify a pragmatic set of possibilities for continuous professional education in Geriatric Medicine (GM), that will be globally endorsed, to propose to stakeholders and policymakers across Europe, to facilitate or trigger change at each national level towards a minimum but substantial integration of principles of Geriatric Medicine in the attitudes and practices of practitioners and would eventually prepare the ground for more extended changes in countries where Geriatric Medicine is still emerging.


July 2024

Project Experiences

By learning and contributing withcolleagues in my field, the experiences within the COST Action brings me not only professional but also personal growth, by integrating technical and scientific knowledge and skills in group work on a continental scale.
December 2023
- Bárbara M. Magalhães
Our education as healthcare professionals is crucial to providing the excellent care older people deserve. Being part of the PROGRAMMING COST Action CA21122 which is addressing this need has been an absolute privilege.
December 2023
- William McKeown
Being part of the COST action provides me with an opportunity to contribute with my experience as a clinical physician and leader in geriatric medicine accumulated over many years to health care providers in countries where Geriatric Medicine is still emerging.
December 2023
- Anne W. Ekdahl
the importance of the PROGRAMMING Cost Action 21122 was greatly recognized by my peers and by professionals from other fields related to the care of older adults.
June 2023
- Ana Prada
As a PROGRAMMING team member, I appreciate how much I can learn from both my PROGRAMMING colleagues and other countries.
(July 2023)
- Karolina Piotrowicz
By promoting the multidisciplinary dialogue, we are not only breaking down barriers, but we are also paving the way for innovative and forward-thinking approaches.
(June 2023)
- Carmelinda Ruggiero

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How can I participate?

PROGRAMMING welcomes research-active professionals working in the field. There are many ways to get involved.

Meet the Working groups

Aim: To highlight the current situation regarding GM in COST Member countries with a focus on GM education and training and map educational and training programs at an undergraduate, postgraduate, continuous medical education and professional training level. Additionally, conduction of a co-creation process by qualitative research methods in order to identify, describe and categorize unmet needs regarding GM education, GM-related health literacy, GM-related public awareness and appropriate implementation of training activities for health care professionals across the spectrum of health care settings in participant countries where GM is still emerging. The MC will take care so as most (if not all) of the countries in question and the ITC will be represented and actively participate in WG1.

Aim: define the content of the training courses in gm destined for professionals working in ambulatory settings and home care networks, taking into account the results of t1.2, 1.3 and 1.4, already available curricula, literature review, including gray literature, knowledge obtained during stsm, stakeholders meetings, mc meetings and internal delphi procedure. Provide variations according to settings where trainees work.

Aim: Define the content of the training courses destined for professionals working in acute/subacute and long-term care settings, taking into account the results of T1.2, 1.3 and 1.4, already available curricula, literature review, including grey literature, knowledge obtained during STSM, stakeholders’ meetings, MC meetings and internal Delphi procedure. Provide variations according to settings where trainees work.

Aim: To propose a variation of the implementation of the educational course, described by WG2 and WG3, with the aid of ICT for remote application of the training so as to maximize impact and face education and training challenges in case in-person training is not possible and to incorporate various novel didactic methods. Activities and tools to accomplish the task: meetings and interviews with experts, focus groups, knowledge obtained during STSM.

Aim: To raise awareness and promote the added value of the specialized approach of GM in the health and wellbeing of older people among health care professionals, policy makers, older people and the general public, as well as to build GM-related health literacy among health care professionals. Furthermore, to influence policy makers of the local and the international scene in favour of the necessity of developing specialized geriatric care for older people. Eventually, to investigate financing possibilities and trace interested parties for future opportunities (beyond the PROGRAMMING Action) of further development of the training course as a final product, ready and available for use.

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