Carmelinda Ruggiero

The recent meeting held by the PROGRAMMING COST action in Bucharest provided a valuable platform for in-depth discussions and for identifying collaborative efforts between geriatricians and allied professionals to support the improvement of well-being, optimal healthcare for older adults, and ultimately to promote the vitality of older people living in the community or, even in residential contexts.

Drawing from a wide range of experiences in various European contexts, where geriatric care has already established or is growing, this meeting highlighted both the common modalities or processes to be supported and strengthened, as well as the differences to be analyzed for their potential impact in informing healthcare organizations in assuring the quality of care and professionals active in the development and implementation of health care programs for older adults.

Furthermore, through these exchanges, we have identified areas of shared growth and progress for potential benefits to people and health systems, mainly based on the multi-professional integration of efforts, such as the orthogeriatric model of care. The discussions revolved around refining clinical practices, optimizing organizational frameworks and streamlining management models. By aligning these strategies with the evolving needs and desires of our older adults and the broader societies in which they live, our goal is to shape a common and promising path.

The PROGRAMMING COST action is truly an extraordinary way to spread the scientific background of geriatric medicine across European countries and to challenge the pervasive age-related prejudices that still persist in the European medical landscape. By promoting the multidisciplinary dialogue, we are not only breaking down barriers, but we are also paving the way for innovative and forward-thinking approaches. Together, we are charting a path towards a more inclusive and empowered future for our seniors and, by extension, for our societies as a whole.

(June 2023)

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Carmelinda Ruggiero

Carmelinda Ruggiero