Comment, share, like!

Comment, share, like!

COST organization (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) supports the exchange of thoughts and experience between researchers and innovators from Europe and beyond. In the light of its assumptions, effective communication is the key issue. On June 21th, 2023, our Science Communication Coordinator, Dr Karolina Piotrowicz took part in the face-to-face training COST event “COST Communication Seminar”.

The awareness of the difference between communication, dissemination and valorization, was one of the very first and important points discussed during the meeting. In brief, we communicate to promote our action and its results to the general public; we disseminate it in order to make it public for the scientific societies but also those who can learn and benefit from it; we exploit it to make a concrete use of the results obtained for societal or political reasons. Different aims require various approaches and competences, and therefore people with different backgrounds to be involved. So where is your place now in the PROGRAMMING action? How can you be involved at the current stage of our project? If you are our Action member, please log in to our Trello board, and learn more about different aims that are currently ahead of us and the ways how to tackle them effectively! If you are a visitor, please reflect if and how you can join the Action!

We need to be loud and we need to be visible – this was the second message of the meeting. In the PROGRAMMING action we are working very hard on mapping the needs and reaching our stakeholders now. How can we be more present in the public space and minds of our potential collaborators and stakeholders? Thanks to Karima BenSalah, the COST Senior Communication Officer, and Lorna Stokes, the Digital Communication Officer, who advised us – encourage your members to comment, share and like. Comment, share and like- necessarily in that order! It will increase your visibility and recognition. PROGRAMMING members, are you here to contribute and follow this mantra?

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