Discussion group on gender imbalance of older persons caregivers

As part of the scope of WG5 activities, members of the COST Action PROGRAMMING 21122 have initiated a discussion group focusing on the gender imbalance among caregivers for older persons. The group is actively seeking additional participants to broaden their perspectives and enhance the discussion.

Here is their preliminary feedback:

“The focus group meetings on gender imbalance in older people’s care have highlighted several key issues. Participants discussed the disproportionate burden on female caregivers, the lack of support for male caregivers, and societal expectations that reinforce traditional gender roles. Proposed solutions include increasing awareness, providing targeted support for all caregivers, and promoting gender equality in caregiving responsibilities. The discussions emphasized the need for policy changes and more inclusive care practices to effectively address these imbalances.”

The discussion group organizers noted, “We have had two productive meetings; however, to increase our inclusiveness, we need ideas from different countries.”

If you are interested in participating, please contact Elif Güngör (iamelifgungor@gmail.com), Sibel Cavdar (sibelilgun@gmail.com), or Argyroula Kalaitzaki (akalaitzaki@hmu.gr).


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