10 Value-based Geriatric Care Models and Interventions: Towards a Sustainable Healthcare System, Improving Older Adults’ Quality of Life

10 Value-based Geriatric Care Models and Interventions: Towards a Sustainable Healthcare System, Improving Older Adults’ Quality of Life

Joint event by the PROGRAMMING COST Action 21122 and Ordem dos Medicos

Dates: 17-19 April 2024
Place: Região do Sul da Ordem dos Médicos, Lisbon (Portugal)

Programme of the event here.

Format: Hybrid (Onsite and online), possibility to attend the meeting remotely.

Sessions will be streamed on zoom at the following link:

Invite link: https://omsul.webex.com/omsul/j.php?MTID=ma8ff8d3e374a4c76fe39a16b716a85eb

Chat function will be available for comments and questions.
All sessions in the Programme are in GMT, Greenwich Mean Time. Please adapt to your local time zone.

💻 Participation in the event is free for everyone!

Esteemed Colleagues,

It is our pleasure to invite you to participate to the PROGRAMMING CA 21122 event entitled “TOP 10 VALUE-BASED GERIATRIC CARE MODELS AND INTERVENTIONS: TOWARDS A SUSTAINABLE HEALTHCARE SYSTEM, IMPROVING OLDER ADULTS’ QUALITY OF LIFE”. Taking place from April 17th to 19th, 2024, in the vibrant city of Lisbon, Portugal, this three-day gathering represents a significant milestone in our collective efforts to promote Geriatric Medicine, especially in countries where it is still emerging.

Advances in medicine have led to an increase in human life expectancy, a triumph that has resulted in a higher number of older adults who face new diseases and various geriatric syndromes. These conditions threaten their functionality, autonomy, and quality of life, which highlight the need for specialized models of healthcare and clinical interventions to preserve functional capacity and nurture independent, active lives. Similarly, vulnerable and frailer older adults also require specialized care that improves their quality of life and enables them to lead dignified lives. On the other hand, the growing healthcare needs must be sustainable and scalable in order to provide equal and high-quality healthcare to all older individuals.

In this context, the PROGRAMMING COST Action 21122 (PROmoting GeRiAtric Medicine in countries where it is still eMergING) (https://cost-programming.eu) emerges as a beacon, aiming to define the content of educational and training activities in Geriatric Medicine for healthcare professionals across various clinical settings, primarily in countries where Geriatric Medicine is still emerging. To achieve these goals, the initiative considers the needs and assets of stakeholders, the adaptability to the local context, and the pragmatic possibilities of implementing Geriatric Medicine models of care.

With great anticipation and joy, we prepared an exciting scientific program addressing ten value-based geriatric care models and clinical interventions, carefully curated by the local organizing committee to introduce to local healthcare professionals, stakeholders and policymakers. International experts will bring the most updated evidence on each model of care and clinical intervention, in an effort to reach every older adult with the best standard of care, regardless of the country they are in. We expect it to be a game changer in the delivery of specialized care to Portuguese older persons.

Building upon the successes of our previous meetings in Athens, Bucharest and Skopje, our mission remains steadfast: to advocate for the training of the health workforce in the fundamental principles of Geriatric Medicine.

As we assemble in Lisbon, our collective objectives are clear. We aspire to heighten public awareness, inspire healthcare professionals—particularly those without formal training in geriatrics—engage stakeholders, and persuade policymakers about the intrinsic value of Geriatric Medicine. Our overarching aim is to champion the harmonization of international standards of care for older individuals throughout Europe.

May this event and, ultimately, the ongoing efforts of the PROGRAMMING COST Action significantly contribute to the trajectory of recognizing Geriatric Medicine as a formal medical specialty, not only in Portugal but across Europe in the near future.

See you in Lisbon,

Sofia Duque
On behalf of the Local Organizing Committee 

Marina Kotsani

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