Long term care for older patients: challenges in countrieswith emerging Geriatric Medicine

Long term care for older patients: challenges in countrieswith emerging Geriatric Medicine

Long term care for older patients: challenges in countrieswith emerging Geriatric Medicine

Joint event by the PROGRAMMING COST Action 2122 and Macedonian Association for Geriatric Medicine (MAGM)

Dates: 15-16 February 2024
Place: Holiday Inn Hotel – Skopje (North Macedonia)

Programme of the event here.

Format: Hybrid (Onsite and online), possibility to attend the meeting remotely.

Sessions will be streamed on zoom at the following link:

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Meeting ID 846 0628 3181

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All sessions in the Programme are in CET, Center European Time. Please adapt to your local time zone.

Local organiser: Macedonian Association for Geriatric Medicine (MAGG)

💻 Online participation is free for everyone!

Dear colleagues,

It is our pleasure to invite you to participate to the PROGRAMMING CA 21122 event entitled “Long Term Care for Older Patients: Challenges in Countries with Emerging Geriatric Medicine”. The COST Action PROmoting GeRiAtric Medicine in countries where it is still eMergING (PROGRAMMING CA 21122) is a consortium project that aims to promote geriatric medicine in countries where geriatrics is still developing, mainly by education and training of healthcare professionals.

Long-term care (LTC) is an essential part of an integrated continuum of health care and crucial to achieving universal health coverage, especially within the context of population ageing. Integrated and person-centered healthcare and long-term care services should respond to the diverse needs and preferences of seniors experiencing declines in functional ability and they should be developed with focus on sustainability and resources’ availability, as well as, educational needs of the involved healthcare professionals.

North Macedonia has a long tradition in providing public founded specialized long-term care for older people, but yet the formal education and training of healthcare professionals in Geriatric Medicine is not well established. Geriatric Medicine has not been recognized as a distinct medical subspecialty until recently and the process of formal education is at the very beginning.

The European Geriatric Medicine Society and the Macedonian Association for Geriatric Medicine (MAGM), as a co-organizer, would like to invite you to be part of this event which will host a series of lectures and discussions that will highlight the complexity of health and social care for the most vulnerable seniors in need of LTC, such as nutritional problems and medication prescribing, oral health in long term care, end-of-life care and long term care-giving. Our goal is to engage policy makers, stakeholders and colleagues from different health care settings and specialties in our effort to raise awareness, trigger discussions and improve the quality of care for older people, mainly through fostering the education in Geriatric Medicine. But beyond this, through its international and multidisciplinary network of experts in the field, PROGRAMMING aspires to create a solid reference point, advocate for quality geriatric services across Europe and trigger sustainable positive changes in the field of care for older people in countries that currently take their first steps in the field.

Biljana Petreska-Zovic
On behalf of the Local Organizing Committee

Marina Kotsani 

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